1861-S LIBERTY HEAD $20 MS55

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In 1861, the fabric of the United States was irrevocably altered as it entered one of its darkest periods—the American Civil War—following the election of Abraham Lincoln as the 16th President. His inauguration on March 4 was a beacon for change, particularly his firm stance against the expansion of slavery, which he articulated as illegal and pledged to preserve the Union. This position led directly to the secession of seven Southern states, who formed the Confederate States of America in February, electing Jefferson Davis as their president. The palpable tension between the North and South culminated in the first shots of the Civil War at Fort Sumter, South Carolina, on April 12, when Confederate forces attacked the fort, leading to its surrender after a 34-hour bombardment. This event spurred four more states to join the Confederacy, dramatically escalating the conflict. In response, President Lincoln announced a blockade of Confederate ports on April 19, aiming to undermine the Southern economy and military effort. The war's reality hit home for many Americans with the First Battle of Bull Run on July 21, a Confederate victory that shattered any illusions of a short conflict. Additionally, the Trent Affair in November threatened international implications, as the illegal capture of Confederate envoys from a British ship nearly brought Britain into the war. These events, combined with significant advancements in warfare technology such as railroads, telegraphs, and ironclad ships, underscored a year that set the stage for a transformative period in American history, characterized by conflict, innovation, and a redefinition of the nation’s values and boundaries."
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