Our Story

Known as the hobby of kings, few investors know how to access to the U.S. rare coins market. This compelling asset class offers portfolio diversification, strong historical returns and preservation of wealth. Current market dynamics are attractive with limited supply, growing demand and third-party authentication standards adding an extra layer of protection and transparency.

The Contursi family has been in the rare coin business for 50 years, and is a proven expert in the field, generating over $2 billion in transactions. They only invest in the top 0.3% of the rare coin market, with a focus on museum-quality assets. Their disciplined investment approach coupled with deep market knowledge have delivered strong returns through multiple market cycles while managing the largest inventory of U.S. rare coins.

Beyond an investment and asset diversification, U.S. rare coins are an integral part of American history and can help create a meaningful legacy over generations.

The Contursi family offers two opportunities to invest - through the Arrow&Branch Rare Coins Co-Investment Fund or through the Rare Coins Direct Ownership Portfolio.

Our Team

Steven L. Contursi Managing Principal

Michael Contursi Principal

Thomas Neptune Principal

The “Arrow&Branch” Name

The Arrow&Branch name pays homage to U.S. coinage, Americana, and the Contursi family’s success in the rare coin business. Found on the reverse of most United States coinage is an eagle holding arrows and an olive branch in its talons. This design signifies the United States as a peace-loving nation and the country’s ability to defend itself if that peace and freedom should be compromised

Enjoy an exclusive father-son interview with our Managing Principal, Steve Contursi, who shares intimate details of his personal story as well as insider access to his thoughts about the U.S. rare coin industry :

We are pleased to be recognized for our business practices and values. These awards recognize the accomplishments of our employees and remind us of the value we create through our work.


ANA Lifetime Member Logo 2006 American Numismatic Association Presidential Award
Awarded to Steven Contursi for his achievements in the rare coin industry

2007 American Numismatic Association Award for Exemplary Service
Awarded to Steven Contursi in recognition of “a services on behalf of the American Numismatic Association that are above and beyond the call”

2018 American Numismatic Association Top Membership Recruiter Award
Awarded to Michael Contursi for his outstanding growth of membership in the association
1794 Flowing Hair Dollar 2010 World Record Coin Sale
Steve Contursi sold his 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar, believed to be the first silver dollar made for the U.S., for a world record $7.85 million. The coin was re-sold in 2013 for over $10 million.
Red Book Contributor 2016 Logo Annual Red Book Price Contributor
Steven Contursi is an annual contributor, for the past 10 years, to the Guide Book of United States Coins (Red Book) and provides pricing for rare U.S. coins. The book has been published for 66 years.


ICTA Logo Industry Council For Tangible Assets (ICTA) Member
National trade association for precious metals, rare coins, U.S. and foreign currency, and other numismatics. ICTA works to prevent laws that interfere with business and provides information on new laws affecting the industry. Steve Contursi was an inaugural member when it was founded in 1991.
ANA Logo American Numismatic Association (ANA)
Founded in 1891, the American Numismatic Association is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to educating and encouraging people to study and collect money and related items. Steve Contursi is a lifetime member (#3041) of this organization.
CCE Logo Certified Coin Exchange
Online trading market for rare coins. Rare Coin Wholesalers has been a seated member since the CCE was founded. Seat B17
NCA Logo Numismatic Alliance Founding Member
Dedicates its resources and activities to the education and protection of the coin consumer and fights against consumer fraud.
NGC Logo Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC)
NGC is one of the two largest third-party grading services focused on the objective of providing a standard of consistent and accurate grading. Every coin is examined by at least two professional numismatists, where NGC guarantees each coin’s authenticity and condition. They have graded over 33 million coins.
PCGS Logo Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)
PCGS is the other third-party grading service that authenticates and grades coins that RCW recommends. They have graded over 32 million coins. PCGS also guarantees each coin’s authenticity and condition. RCW only carries coins graded by NGC or PCGS.
Smithsonian Founding Members Stewards of Numismatics - The Contursi Family