Enjoy an exclusive father-son interview with Managing Principal, Steve Contursi, who shares intimate details of his personal story as well as insider access to his thoughts about the U.S. rare coin industry.

Interview with Steve Contursi

Honored as one of “The Most Influential People in Numismatics” over the last 60 years— Coin World

How it Started

  • From humble beginnings as a paperboy, meat delivery boy, pharmacy worker, and tutor
  • At 13 years old Steve was already arbitraging coin professionals in New York
  • Physics Professor vs. Coin Dealer
  • Recognized opportunity to purchase first coin shop in Minneapolis 

Coin Market Diversity

  • Rare coin market is a very misused term
  • We buy the best of the best of the best (the Monets and van Goghs...)
  • Every rare coin is a unique piece of art
  • Looking for The Holy Grail

Steve’s Personal Investment Philosophy

  • Steve’s strategy is definitely unusual... not a typical coin dealer mentality
  • Willing to buy and hold irreplaceable items without a buyer already lined up
  • There will always be somebody that’s going to need that coin
  • Like buying oceanfront houses

Disciplined Investment Process

  • Controlled largest available inventory in world for decades
  • Elimination through investment parameters, tons of research, price comps, pedigree, proprietary formula
  • Taking the emotions out of it completely
  • Public information is only as good as how you interpret it

Access to the Best Rare Coins

  • We provide liquidity to those who need to sell
  • We constantly get offered the best collections that come onto the market
  • Our reputation is built on trust and the fact that we do what we say we’re going to do
  • Proprietary database of where coins are located around the world

Advice on Entering the Market

  • Lower end market: enjoy yourself and have fun with it
  • Higher end market: don’t underestimate what a professional can do for you
  • You could learn online the steps to perform open heart surgery, but would you do it?
  • We streamline the process to own some of the greatest rare coins in the world, providing comfort and saving time for clients

The Future is Happening Now

  • Working with my son is one of the most enjoyable moments of my life
  • The industry has always grown through technological advances over centuries
  • Excitement about fractional ownership of historical coins