Ways To Invest

Compelling Alternative to Gold:

U.S. rare coins offer diversification and strong risk-adjusted returns, among other benefits. They are a compelling alternative to gold.

Co-Investment Fund:

The Contursi family office is one of the most successful rare coin market investors over the last several decades, deploying $282M of its own capital. The family formed Arrow&Branch Rare Coins, LP to provide access to investors who are interested in diversifying their portfolio through this compelling asset class.  As the general partner, the Contursi family has committed $5 million as a co-investment in the fund to ensure aligned interests.  To date, the fund has made over 200 acquisitions, with 59 realized exits at an IRR of 84%.

Direct Coin Ownership:

Investors also have the option of direct coin ownership through the Numismatic Asset Protection Account (NAPA), which provides privacy and portability. A firm Principal will work with each investor on a customized U.S. rare coin portfolio, and remain an ongoing resource to help build and preserve wealth and legacy.

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Top 10 Reasons to Invest in U.S. Rare Coins: Investing in museum quality section of the U.S. rare coins market provides many benefits. Blick below to learn more.