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Steven L. Contursi dropped the $8.5 million check onto the counter last week before handing it over - just to make sure it wouldn't bounce.
A coin collector paid a record $8.5 million for a set of rare coins said to have been a gift from former President Andrew Jackson to the King of Siam.
The King of Siam set has traveled from the hands of royalty to the descendants of a British governess to the world of rare-coin collecting.

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The 1787 doubloon he purchased for nearly $3 million is on display at Long Beach Expo.

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The rare coin market is poised for a climb, Steven L. Contursi indicated as he made nearly $1.6 million of the total $5.3 million winning bids in an Oct. 29 auction in Las Vegas, Nev., by Bowers and Merena Galleries.